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 Posted by on September 12, 2011
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September/October 2011: favorite photos from posts

Includes: Weird fashions, spot the saint, festivals, Bologna

August 2011: Favorite photos from posts

Includes: My Fight with Florence, Simple Breakfast, Vasari and the Palazzo Vecchio, Good morning Giotto

Eclectic Photos

A selection of my favorite photographs, not from entries
Boboli Gardens.JPG

March 2012: Venice is too beautiful

Photos from my visit to the city that honestly does feel like it was built by a different species. Includes photos from Carnival and mask making discussions.

November/December 2011: favorite photos from posts

Includes: Dusk at the Palazzo Vecchio, a Passion for Porphyry, and the haunts of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Spot the Saint (reference art)

Quiz yourself on recognizing saints in Renaissance art.

Jan/Feb 2012: favorite photos from posts

Includes: Relax, Have a Gelato, and Really Real Fake Centurions, i.e. Roman Legion reenactors camped in Bologna.

Spring, Summer & Fall 2012: Favorite Photos from Posts

Includes Real Mozzarella, Florence museum, monument & travel reviews, Flag Tossers, Olympic Fencing and the Machiavelli series

Photos 2013

Favorite photos from 2013 posts
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