Posted by on August 7, 2011

Learn more about me at, or about my music at  Meanwhile, here are links to assorted fun corners of the web.

The “cultural curiosities” below are links to real world developments which parallel some of the speculative science fiction elements in my Terra Ignota series.

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  3 Responses to “Links”

  1. I read your posting on Machiavelli and enjoyed it a great deal.

    I’ve just finished Frances Yates’s GIORDANO BRUNO AND THE HERMETIC TRADITION, and I wondered if you had a strong opinion one way or the other about her work. I realize it must be outdated in many respects by now–but I’m curious how a Renaissance expert reacts to her these days. Thank you for the post, and for your time and attention.


    Aaron Baker

  2. No strong opinion on Yates and Bruno. On Bruno I recommend the works of Hilary Gatti (Essays on Giordano Bruno 2011, Giordano Bruno and Renaissance Science 2002) or Paul Henri Michel’s book The Cosmology of Giordano Bruno.

  3. Right now I’m finishing up reading “Claudius the God” by Graves. I’d like to go back and read up on Roman history, from founding to somewhere around the collapse of the west.

    Would you have any recommendation(s) that you’d care to share?