Day After the Book Comes Out Link Round-up


The long wait is over at last, and Too Like the Lightning came out yesterday! This is just a simple little links round-up post by Jo. Too Like the Lightning is available right now as a hardback book and as an e-book in multiple formats, and the audiobook was also just released — and here’s the audiobook cover, which makes me think we’re very lucky indeed with the main cover.

First, unrelated to the book, on Lawrence Schoen’s Eating Authors Ada has an essay about “Her Favorite Ever Meal” which, naturally, was in Florence…

Meanwhile Ada’s been guest blogging about it all over:

In addition, there have been some really excellent reviews that recognise what an astonishing and game changing book it is:

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11 Responses to “Day After the Book Comes Out Link Round-up”

  1. Aryan said:

    The Kindle version is unfortunately not sold I’m Australia.

    It would be great if you could have a word with the publisher to rectify this.

  2. It’s not as easy as “ask the publisher to rectify” I’m afraid.

    I know how infuriating this can be, and I really sympathise. It has happened to be a lot too.

    It’s complicated. Writers sell the rights to publishers for certain languages and terrorites. If Tor had bought “World English” rights to Too Like the Lightning they’d be able to sell it everwhere, but as it is they have “North American Rights” and so they’re not entitled to. They can’t legally sell it to you even if they want to and you’re holding out money, they don’t own that right. That right is being offered for sale to a publisher in that territory (UK, Australia and New Zealand are usually considered one thing for this) but no such publisher has picked it up.

    Theoretically this slightly odd and antiquated system is better for the writer (because the writer can make more money selling the rights twice, and has two covers etc) and makes no difference to the reader (who doesn’t care) but sometimes no publisher in the other territory picks up the title and you get this situation where you can’t buy an e-book in Australia and I can’t buy e-books to some UK books I want. Gah. Cory Doctorow has a great piece about possible ways to fix it in this month’s Locus.

    This sort of thing can be very distressing for writers too, who want people to read their books, but who also want to get paid. You’d think a UK publisher would want Terra Ignota, and Ada’s agent is trying to get them interested, and with luck, sometime that will happen, and then you’ll be able to buy it legitimately in Australia.

    Meanwhile, there is a way around it if you use Amazon. Go to, and tell them your address has changed and you now live at some plausible US street address with a zip code. Then they should be OK selling it to you, and everyone has plausible deniability. I am pretty sure this works — actually I’m totally sure it works, as I live in Montreal, Canada, unless you’re Amazon, in which case I totally live in Chicago.

  3. Your post over at Scalzi’s blog just sold a book; this sounds like a rare and fascinating thing.

  4. Subbak said:

    I’m a bit more than halfway through the book (blame Stellaris, a game I was really waiting for, coming out on the day before Too Like The Lightning. Had things been otherwise I would already have finished it). There are so many things I want to ask. I assume you have better things to do with your time that answers myriad of e-mail questions from readers, so is there any chance you would be at a convention in Western Europe any time in the near future?

    • exurbe said:

      It won’t be for an SF conference but I’ll be in Italy and the Netherlands in June.

      • Subbak said:

        You’ll be doing signing and/or fan meetups? That’s great!

  5. mjfgates said:

    I’m a two-book-a-day smoker, and after four days I’m still only halfway through TLtL– it’s so dense! I’ve had textbooks that didn’t demand this much attention. Amazing, incredible work. I’d say that I can’t wait for “Seven Surrenders”, but I’ve still got to finish the book I HAVE.

  6. […] this summer, but had forgotten about it until Walton and she started posting about the upcoming release. I have put it in my will-get-to-it-eventually list after reading bits of the excerpts on […]

  7. Halyard said:

    Same for me, cannot buy on Kobo in the UK! But I think I can manage a ‘plausible deniability’ account with a New World address. fingers crossed.

  8. Anne Stabile said:

    Regarding the San Marco lecture sponsored by Lumen Chrisi:

    This was an amazing lecture, Ada. I recently went to Florence and saw pictures, statues, etc. of Cosimo and Lorenzo everywhere and wondered about the family: were they good (sounds like Cosimo really tried to be) or not. Also amazing was how even today people you ask seem to feel disdain for the Cowardice of Lorenzo and honor for Cosimo. Utterly fascinating. I also read your piece on Machiavelli and what he was trying to accomplish in Florence and was really moved. I love the way you truly bring all the pieces together in the time period to help us understand the whys and wherefores. I wish I could take your classes! Or maybe travel with you. Ha. Ha. For now, though, I’m just grateful for your fantastic blog. Ex urbe! Thank you.

  9. […] This isn’t so much a review as a long essay. There have also been reviews on NPR, in the Chicago Tribune, and all over, as well as lots of interviews, including Scientific American. There are long lists of guest posts, interviews, and interesting reviews here. […]

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