Strange Horizons Column & New Essay Published

This is the front cover art for the manga Trigun written by Yasuhiro Nightow.
I am now a regular non-fiction columnist for Strange Horizons, a wonderful magazine that it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ll have an essay coming out a couple of times a year, and I’m very excited to be working on this.

I’m writing here to share the link to an essay I’m doubly excited by, first because it’s the first of my new column, and because this is an essay that’s been a long time coming and that feels to me… important in a number of ways. It’s an introduction to anime/manga that is NOT aiming to get people to read/watch anime/manga, but giving a history and description of it as an interesting history in itself, entangled with Western fan culture, with World War II and its aftermath, with histories of feminism and gender, with all the kinds of things which can make a history of any topic worth reading.

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3 Responses to “Strange Horizons Column & New Essay Published”

  1. Blackbeard said:

    No link?

    • Devin said:

      The link is the word “link” in the second graf. Or here:

      My mystery: this post is listed as authored by an “Emma Mungall,” though the essay is under Ada’s byline over at Strange Horizons. I assume Emma is someone helping with site admin or something? Or a new contributor who is yet to be introduced? Either way, if the post bylines aren’t going to be reliable as to the actual person writing the words, it might be good to sign them instead, or something.

      (I first wondered if the site had been hacked, then wrote it off as a post about anime by some unintroduced rando. I’m not very interested in anime, so while I trust Ada’s friends to be smart folks, I still wasn’t in any hurry to read an essay about anime from even a smart rando. I *am* interested in Ada’s thoughts about anime, as it happens, so I’m glad I clicked through to check the link for Comrade Blackbeard.)

      • Emma Mungall said:

        Emma is indeed someone helping with site admin! Thanks for the point about the bylines.

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